Female Founder Acceleration Program

14.03.2024 | 13:44 - 16:00
Zurich and Online
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Organized by Female Founders Switzerland, an initiative by STARTUP CAMPUS and Impact Hub Zurich, the FF+ Acceleration Program is exclusively designed to propel female-founded startups towards investment readiness. Open to startups with at least 50% female founding members based in Switzerland.

Are you a female founder with a groundbreaking startup idea, yet find the pathway to funding and investment readiness daunting? The FF+ Acceleration Program is tailor-made for visionary women like you. Recognizing the substantial barriers female founders face, particularly limited access to risk capital, our program is designed to dismantle these obstacles from the ground up.


The FF+ Acceleration Program is a transformative 6-week journey, crafted to prepare female-founded startups for investment. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Investment Proposition Mastery: Begin with sharpening your investment appeal to stand out in a competitive landscape.
  • Advanced Financial Insights: Delve into the nuances of financial setups that speak the language of investors.
  • Pitch Perfection: Refine your pitch to communicate your vision with compelling clarity.
  • Legal and Due Diligence Readiness: Ensure your startup meets all legal standards and due diligence requirements for a seamless investment process.
  • Investor Relations: Build and maintain strong relationships with potential investors, a cornerstone for your startup’s future.
  • Strategic Consolidation: Equip yourself with a forward-looking strategy that ensures long-term growth and success.

Criteria for Application:

  • Open to 8 startups with at least 50% of the founding team being female.
  • Must be incorporated/based in Switzerland with an MVP or Proof of Concept in place.
  • Your startup should be not older than 3 years, showcasing an innovative and scalable idea.


Our program is free of charge, offering unparalleled access to resources, mentorship, and investor networks. However, a success fee of 2% on capital raised within the first 18 months post-program (starting from CHF 150k raised) applies, capped at CHF 15k. This model reflects our commitment to your tangible success beyond the program duration. Should a startup withdraw without significant reason, a commitment fee of CHF 3,000 is required to underscore the value and investment in each participating team.