F6 Accelerator Pitch Competition - Silicon Valley Style

17.10.2017 | 18:30 - 21:00
ImpactHub Zürich, Viaduktstrasse 93, Zürich
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Manuela Rantra

Startup entrepreneurs from Switzerland and guests, investors, mentors, get together for qualified startup pitches. A jury of serial entrepreneurs and investors will choose the best startup of the night. The best get a chance to join the upcoming Flight 6 of the Society3 Accelerator:

Society3 is a globally oriented startup and scaleup accelerator, inducing an innovative mindset. Here, no problem is too big, no solution too bold, no idea too crazy. Making the impossible a reality. The program is helping entrepreneurs from all over the world to accelerate market entry and growth, getting funded and eventually go global. The accelerator helps entrepreneurs to build a robust vision, a disruptive business model, a zero-budget go-to-market strategy, relentless traction and a solid finance strategy. Society3 focuses on tech segments including, AI, AutoTech, Energy, Fin-Tech, FoodTech, LogisticsRech, SecureTech, TransportTech, and similar society relevant innovations.

The topic of the nicht is: Bold ideas, the sky is the limit, looking for IPO candidates 

- Creating a startup culture of crazy ideas and bold thinking
- A Startup culture is created by entrepreneurs not by the population
- How to create an amazing vision
- Why we are looking for startups with IPO quality
- Switzerland is one of the most innovative countries - not yet by startups
- Bringing together the two biggest Swiss qualities: Finance + Innovation

Speaker: Axel Schultze (5x entrepreneur, 1 IPO, 4 exits in Silicon Valley and Europe)


18:30 Welcome and networking 

18:45 Topic of the night:  

19:30 Some amazing startups will pitch 

          Pitching in Silicon Valley style 
          Getting honest and helpful feedback  

20:30 Judges and audience vote for the best startup presenter 
20:40 Open microphone - startups can ask for co-founders, team expansion, beta users and more 
20:50 Announcing the winner 
21:00 More networking, connections and fun