F ECTIVE: Digital workforces

21.03.2018 | 18:00 - 21:00
spaces Bleicherweg 10 8002 Zürich
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F Ective invites the public to its first event on digital workforces.


Every month F ECTIVE will be organizing an event with interesting speakers on a topic that interests its customers of the platform. The first event covers the topic Digital workforces.


Sarah Kane, PwC
workforce transformation: How the workforce needs to transform in the digital age, what are the jobs of tomorrow and how do we make sure to stay agile and flexible

Carole Häusermann, mm1 Schweiz AG
culture and mindset: How can companies adapt their current corporate culture towards the needs of future workforces, what are the pillars that need to shift to facilitate a more collaborative and employee-centric model.

Andy Kobelt, F ECTIVE
agile workforces: What are agile workforces? How can organizations increase flexibility and expand beyond the restrictions of a traditional silo workforce.


18:00 - arrive

18:15 - welcome

18:30 - speakers

19:15 - fireside chat

19:45 - networking