Digital Health Lab Day

16.09.2021 |
ZHAW-Departement Gesundheit, Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9, 8400 Winterthur
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The theme of the 3rd Digital Health Lab Day of ZHAW is: «Implementing Digital Health Innovations». Digital solutions, their development and practical application in the healthcare sector will be presented and discussed in keynote presentations, workshops, start-up-pitches, and other formats. Eight start-ups have been selected.

We are looking forward to sharing and exchanging experiences with you and other health professionals, developers, managers, practitioners and researchers. The focus of the event is on contactless consultation and treatment options, crosslinking, and artificial intelligence in medical analysis, thereby demonstrating that digitalisation offers a major opportunity for a high quality and cost-efficient healthcare system.

If the situation with regards to the Corona pandemic permits, the event will take place at ZHAW School of Health Professions in Winterthur. The keynote presentations and start-up-pitches will be broadcast online. We are constantly monitoring the situation around the corona pandemic and will inform via this website if there would be any changes in the event format or program.

  • Pitching Startups: 
    BioT (presenting pitch) Smart & Secure Device Management for Healthcare 
  • CorDiFio Health (presenting pitch) CorDiFio Heart Health is an awareness raising, communication & early-detection AI-powered platform to empower women & doctors in reaching the right heart disease diagnosis in a timely manner. 
  • heyPatient AG (presenting pitch) heyPatient offers a digital health companion that organizes appointments, keeps everything important at hand and ensures that patients and healthcare providers are closely connected - also digitally. 
  • IDUN Technologies AG (presenting pitch) Guardian Brain Computer Interface / Neuro-Intelligence Platform: The IDUN Guardian is a ubiquitious brain imaging system for patient journey characterization and digital bio-marker research. 
  • Innovation 6 AG (presenting pitch) TOM Medications. Making therapies easier.
  • Labelata GMBH (presenting pitch) Data Labelling: Enabling Medical Research and AI through high quality data labelling. 
  • Leitwert AG (presenting pitch) Device Hub: IT backbone for organizations to integrate wearable devices from different manufacturers and to enable interoperability between these data sources and digital health applications. 
  • Resmonics AG (presenting pitch) ResGuard Med: Easy and convenient respiratory disease monitoring.