DeFi Asset Management Conference

06.12.2022 | 16:00 - 21:00
Ginetta, Rieterstrasse 6, 8002 Zürich
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The first digital asset conference in Switzerland focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) and its application for institutional managers


12:30 DeFi Labs

Hands-on DeFi labs and course

16:00 Doors open for the Conference

16:15 Welcome Speech

Welcome from the organizers - ProxyFi and DeFi Asset Management Community and from the host - Ginetta.

16:30 Digital Asset Portfolio Construction

Presented by: Artur Sepp

16:45 TradFi goes DeFi - Structuring Actively Managed Certificates

Presented by: Lucas Ereth, GenTwo Digital

17:00 Layer2s accelerating DeFi adoption: zkSynz & Uniswap case

Presented by: Sebastien Araoz/Matter Labs, zkSync

17:15 Investing in crypto-native DAOs

Presented by: Adcv, StakeFi/MakerDAO/Lido

17:25 Panel: DeFi Asset Management

Institutional investors from the DeFi Asset Management community
Panelists: Alain Kunz/GSR

17:50 Coffee Break

18:00 The Rise of Institutional and Private Banking Opportunities in DeFi

Presented by: Krzysztof Gogol, ProxiFy

18:15 'Honey, I shrunk the portfolio' – why risk management is critical to the crypto investment process’

Presented by: Omer Suleman, Haruko

18:30 Institutions enforcing DeFi: how to comply with AML via KYC Oracle

Presented by: Jakub Wojciechowski, Redstone Finance

18:45 Venture Capital Panel: The future of DeFi

Panelists: Cyrill Tröndle/NUMEUS, Daniel Fischmann/L1 Digital, Alain Kunz/GSR, Matthias Weissl/Diatomix, Magdalena Tarasinska/ProxyFi

19:15 Digital Asset Custody

Presented by: Valerio Job, Bank Frick

19:30 Panel: Security of Digital Assets

Panelists: Valerio Job/Bank Frick, Jose Aguinaga/Seba Bank, Peter Hofmann/Coinbase, Yves Cabré/Fireblocks

20:00 Networking & drinks