Deep Self Leadership

23.03.2018 | 17:00
Impact Hub Zürich - Garage Geroldstrasse 33 8005 Zürich
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Participants learn how to enhance their well-being to reduce stress and burn-outs using self-management tools and tips from the expert.


In the business environment, most initiatives look at improving the performance of teams, aim at better management tools, help envisioning and implementing strategies, and support adaptive change management. However, very rarely are there tools and programs directed at the human placed in the midst of such initiatives. Even fewer train their minds and help achieve mental balance.

One of the most obvious signs of a lack of mental well being is burn-out; but the amelioration of burn-out begins in finding your own pool of tranquillity where you can cool off.

Why join the Lab?

  • You are interested in understanding how your mind works;

  • You currently run a company or work in a professional environment, but look for more mental stability and clarity;

  • You want to be able to cope with stress;

  • You want to learn how you can train your mind towards joy and flourishing;

  • You have concrete questions and challenges about becoming an expert in leading your Self;

  • You want to learn scientifically proven tools of how to manage your mind and Self. In this Lab, we will explore the foundations of focus, a most undervalued skill for our well-being.

 Learning outcomes

  • Understand the basic theoretical aspects of mind training;

  • Understand that mind stability and clarity can be learned;

  • Focus to counteract distractions;

  • Learn how to familiarize yourself with your Self;

  • Build personal capacity to cultivate your own mental well-being and self leadership;

  • Develop a method that will help you explore your mind;

  • Learn concrete tools and methods that help you cultivate mental balance.