CI/CD in cloud: Advanced automation and chaos engineering

25.07.2017 | 16:00 - 19:00
Impact Hub Sihlquai 131, Zürich
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Janusz Nowakowski

A meetup and a hands-on workshop for cloud engineers. How to build applications in AWS cloud to assure performance, reliability and cost-efficiency? Welcome Developers and DevOps. Management as well - to know what tech team is going to do. 

In the theoratical part of the event particpants will get answers to the following questions:

  • How to build cloud native applications in AWS Cloud?
  • What is Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment?
  • What is an Infrastructure as a Code paradigm and why You’ll love it?  

The practical section covers the following

Hands-on part:

  • Automation of delivery and deployment. From git commit to running application.
  • Native AWS tools for developers (CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodeBuild, CodePipeline).
  • Jenkins in cloud and integration with AWS through plugins.
  • Various ways of delivering code to production: EC2 instances versus Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Last but not least: I need to pay for the room reservation with my own money. That's why I ask for costs participation. I'm sure the stuff is worth it and will satisfy You. Or I'll refund the money.

 The event is designed for developers and DevOps 

For developers: knowledge on deployment process. How to create a cloud native application? What are good and bad patterns? How to develope to benefit reliability, performance and cost-efficiency?

DevOps will learn how to build and deploy code in AWS in various ways. What are the differences between them? How to choose best tools to specific application and business case.