Business Growth Engineering

17.03.2021 |
startup space, Wiesenstr. 5, 8952 Schlieren
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A 5-day intensive course to help Start-ups in Advanced Engineering grow their business.

Do you want to set your newly incorporated company on course for growth? In the "Business Growth" training module, you will analyse the barriers, opportunities and markets in your sector and learn about the processes and structures that will help you to grow your Engineering startup. Top Engineering Entrepreneurs will help you to achieve your Key Missions Build a performing marketing strategy Generate leads and drive more sales Operate your startup professionally Grow leadership and management Pitch and secure funding for growth Going into Execution Engineering entrepreneurs and experts will help you to grow your business with topics such as B2B offer structuring (subscription models, product sales etc.), direct sales skills and negotiation techniques. Entrepreneurs will show you how to push your sales funnel forward and successfully recruit a top team for growth. New management tools and the right legal toolkit will help you to achieve your key missions and get attractive deals from partners and investors. Extra Support from an Engineering CoachIn addition to the trainers, experts and entrepreneurs who will support you during the course, you will also get 3 hours with a dedicated Engineering coach. This personalized coaching will help you set your objectives for the future and validate individual learning and development goals. Course Participants: Young entrepreneurs who have already founded their start-up. You have been able to secure initial funding and you have just started to launch your product or intend to within the next six to twelve months. Engineering-specific TrainingYou will get practical training and will be able to plan, establish and manage your own company in the decisive phase of launching your product on the market. Specialist trainers with lots of practical experience and coaches provide you with one-on-one support throughout the course. Business Growth is offered as a sector-specific course for Advanced Engineering (Hightech, Mechanics, Electronics, Wearables, Robotics, Sensors, Micro-/Nanotech, Optics, Chemicals, Automative, Agritech, Hardware etc.).Course dates: 17.03.2021 / 18.03.2021 / 22.04.2021 / 23.04.2021 / 06.05.2021; 9:00 - 17:00