Business Creation ICT

30.01.2019 | 09:00 - 17:00
startup space, Wiesenstr. 5, 8952 Schlieren
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Five day intensive course for Startups in ICT. In the "Business Creation" training module, attendees will receive specific answers to their questions.


Are you about to set up your ICT company or have you recently started a new business? This module will also help you to improve your plans and consolidate your knowledge. Get your startup ready for a final presentation in front of investors.

Top ICT Entrepreneurs will help you to achieve your Key Missions

Day 1: Deliver a unique customer value

Day 2: Master a convincing pitch

Day 3: Define your business development plan

Day 4: Shape a winning team

Day 5: Secure funding for the startup phase

Going into ExecutionICT entrepreneurs and experts will support you in the best way to develop your product and deliver unique customer value. You will learn the specifics of lean software development and getting an MVP to your target customers. Special topics like IP and licensing agreements, online growth marketing and the B2C sales process will be covered. You will learn how to set up your company as well as interpreting term sheets and shareholder agreements. Learn to put together a winning team and an advisory board that will help you to grow your startup. Finally, you will be able to master a convincing pitch and secure funding from the right investors.

Extra Support from an ICT CoachIn addition to the trainers, experts and entrepreneurs who will support you during the course, you will also get 3 hours with a dedicated ICT coach. This personalized coaching will help you set your objectives for the future and validate individual learning and development goals.

Course ParticipantsEntrepreneurs with a recently founded startup or the intention to establish and develop a company. The basis of the company is a technological, academic or business model-oriented innovation. There will be max. 15 participants for each course.

ICT-specific TrainingSpecialist trainers with lots of practical experience and startup coaches provide startups with one-on-one support throughout the course. Business Creation is offered as a sector-specific course for the ICT cluster: online applications, cloud, AI, big data, platforms, AR/VR, blockchain, social networks, fintech, legaltech, etc.The course takes place on the folloing days: 30.01.2019 / 31.01.2019 / 20.02.2019 / 21.02.2019 / 14.03.2019; 9:00 - 17:00