Business Creation - CTI Entrepreneurship Training

21.02.2017 | 08:30 - 16:30
Technopark Zürich, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich
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Startup Campus invites individuals about to start their own business company or have recently started a business to the course business creation. They will get insight related to starting a company.

In the "Business Creation" module your business model is challenged and you get specific answers to important questions related to your start-up. Subscribe to deepen your knowledge and improve your strategy.

During the 5 intensive days, participants will cover the following topics:
  • Leadership and organisation
  • Corporate and business strategy
  • Business models
  • Marketing/sales/finance (financial planning, assessing demand, finding investors, financing, liquidity)
  • Intellectual property, legal matters, contracts, etc.
  • People skills (negotiation, presenting pitches, conflict resolution, time management, efficiency, etc.)
  • Business planning
  • Developing business plans for your own company
  • Working alone or in a team
  • Presenting to a jury