Business Concept - CTI Entrepreneurship Training

01.03.2017 | 17:00 - 21:00
ETH Zürich
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Anna-Maria Strässner

In the Business concept course, attendees will learn how to transform their ideas into a company. Experts will also answer their questions to the topic.

The “Business Concept” module will teach you how to think and act like an entrepreneur and how to transform an idea into a business concept. Sign up and gain theoretical and practical expertise to play multiple key roles in a start-up, or to set up you own company.

What you get: After the course, you will have


an elaborated business idea, a clear value proposition and a strong business model

an IP strategy, a financial plan and ideas how to fund your venture

Valuable knowledge about team performance and strong start-up presentation skills

Access to the Swiss Start-up Ecosystems and lots of useful tools


This course id designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. It will be held in English.