Blockchain Leadership Summit

09.03.2018 | 08:30 - 23:00
Zurich, Dolder Grand Hotel
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Elena Grebennikova


Top experts discuss the latest trends on the global Blockchain field and share thoughts on the future of the Industry.


Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 is the main conference and professional discussion of world's TOP experts, proactive investors and recognised visionaries in blockchain industry about the current state and the foreseen future of decentralized world.

In the centre of financial world in Switzerland participants will learn from the first hands about the newest regulatory and infrastructure achievements, investment practices and crypto assets assessment, industrial implementation of blockchain technology and its social and economic impact.

Target group: Industry Leaders, Political Leaders, ICO Service Providers, Crypto Funds, Venture Investors, Family Offices, Asset Managers, Companies- including Startups, who made successful ICOs .


  1. Token Economy: ​How companies can booster their financial sustainability: the best practices from different industries. Panel discussions and workshop on how to tokenize your business model.

  2. Tokenized Assets: ​Trends and forecasts, figures and facts. Could we expect a new “economic miracle” over the world? Manual for investors: how to evaluate tokenized assets, assess startups on ICO, work with crypto portfolio, etc.

  3. Blockchain technology and decentralized infrastructure.: How to create new level of infrastructure for sustainable growing of blockchain industry.

  4. Regulatory Threats and Opportunities: How ​regulators from different countries in the world consider crypto currencies. Sharing insights on legal practices, sand boxes, regulatory environments.

  5. Initial Coin Offering: Good Practice: When, Why and How to make an ICO. Traditional fundraising methods versus crowd sale. Let's discuss and analyse the failures, learn about top mistakes of tokenized startups and understand how to organise the proper token generation event.

  6. Social and Economic Impact of Blockchain technologies

    And its implementation in Government, Banking, Environment, Charity and other spheres.

Gala Dinner:The Gala Dinner will take place from 19:30 in the Garden Salon with a stunning view over the lake and town of Zurich. Between the delicious courses we will hold the Crypto Auction of amazing artworks, inspired by disruptive potential of blockchain. Part of the proceeds will be spent on charity projects helping and supporting children’s education and health.