Blockchain for Human Rights Workshop and Panel Discussion

12.04.2024 | 18:00 - 21:30
Impact Hub Zürich, Viadukt, Bogen D, Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005 Zürich
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The Blockchain for Human Rights Platform raises awareness on the lack of identification, statelessness, and ubiquitous and frequent misuse of state-actor monopoly in identification. The initiative promotes a global partnership of different actors towards adopting inclusive digital ID for all, using Blockchain-based technology to overcome unfair barriers and provide better access to fundamental human rights like identification.

It focuses on advocacy work, aiming to connect and influence Blockchain actors, state actors, regional and international organisations, NGOs, academia, and civil society. In the long term, Blockchain for Human Rights will bring together these actors and the affected people to test the blockchain's true limits of its value-add, while emphasizing responsible use of the new technology.

There is an urgent need for a more equitable and decentralised form of digital ID as an alternative complement to the traditional forms of identification based on state-actor absolute monopoly.
This event is dedicated to tackling the challenges that vulnerable populations, including refugees, asylum seekers, stateless individuals, and other forcibly displaced persons, face in the attempt to access basic human rights services, due to lack of proper identification.

What sets this event apart is that it's organized with the affected communities, providing insightful perspectives into the challenges and opportunities at the grassroots level. Human Rights, Blockchain, and digital ID experts will convene to share successful cases and brainstorm solutions. 

A billion people in the world lack legal identity and are purposely deprived of proper identification, in some cases, by malicious state actors. These populations could benefit the most from the advancements of an inclusive blockchain-based identification.

¿What sets us back from making this possible?