Ask the Expert: Convertible Loan Agreements

20.03.2024 | 17:00 - 19:00
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Demystifying Convertible Loan Agreements as one of the most popular Startup financing instruments - Legal insights to get it right from the start

Are you exploring financing instruments for your startup? Are you torn between choosing a Convertible Loan Agreement and an equity round? Then this Ask the Expert Convertible Loan Agreements is the right place for you!

We will focus on the topic of "Convertible Loan Agreement" (CLA). What is a CLA, and what terms come with it? How is a CLA structured, and what makes it different from raising capital through issuance of equity? How do you best negotiate the terms of a CLA and approach investors with it? Our experts Michael Baier and Dominique Mattmann from Wenger Vieli's startup desk will share important insights from a legal perspective and answer your questions. 

Come and share your experience with other startup entrepreneurs, get advice from our experts to improve your approach, and develop your network in this unique workshop.