Aging2.0 Zurich

17.09.2018 | 17:30 - 20:30
Pirates Hub, Konradstrasse 12, Zürich
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Patrick Hofer



Inauguration Event: the brand new Zurich Chapter of Aging2.0



Aging2.0 is international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational - focused on changing the conversation from 1.0 (focused on local, clinical, siloed approaches) to 2.0 (collaborative, lifestyle-oriented, opportunity-driven) - hence the name: Aging2.0.

As a special guest, we will host Stephen Johnston, Co-founder of Aging2.0. Stephen will provide the Swiss innovators community with the 8 grand challenges to be solved. He will give us a glimpse of life changing global ventures, provide an outlook of the OPTIMIZE Conference in San Francisco (held November 14-15, 2018) and will outline the opportunities for Swiss startups to grow globally.

And of course startups are presenting themselves:

- Amigos: the social shopping app from Migros,
 Caru: the roommate of the future,
- Seniorservice24: platform to find part-time caregivers,
- register caregivers legally compliant in 5 minutes,
- Pflegevermittlung Schweiz: 24/7-caregiver recruitment agency,
- SmartLife Care: emergency devices and 24/7 help and assistance:

and more to be announced...